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Trump's talk of a Syria pullout nothing new

Trump's first public suggestion he was itching to pull out came in a news conference with visiting Australian Prime Minister Alastair Campbell on Feb. 23, when Trump said the U.S. was in Syria to ``get rid of ISIS and go home.''

Next round of Astana Syria talks set for mid-June: Syria envoy

Two rebel sources said they had not yet received an invitation. Moscow, a key backer of the talks, had earlier said it wanted a fresh round mid-June but has not given firm dates.


Little progress achieved in Syrian peace talks: UN mediator

The Assad government wants the talks to focus on fighting "terrorism."

UN sets sights on fresh Syria talks from February 10

The Syrian regime kept a combative tone as the talks with the opposition National Coalition drew to a close.

Syria govt, Oppn meet in presence of mediator: UN

One diplomatic source, noting the caustic verbal attacks that marked the opening of the conference in the Swiss city of Montreux on Wednesday, said on Friday he had become cautious.

Small change

Even if neither side walks out, Geneva 2 talks may not deliver a peace deal on Syria.


No hint of compromise as Syria peace talks enter day two

Expectations are very low for a breakthrough at the conference.

Brutality of Syria war casts doubt on peace talks

More than 130,000 people have died in Syria's conflict, and more than a quarter of the population of 23 million now live as refugees.

Ban's U-turn: Under pressure, UN retracts invitation to Iran, Russia calls it 'mistake'

Iran's Foreign ministry termed the decision 'deplorable' and said it wants the real reasons behind its exclusion.

Syria peace talks in doubt over opposition rifts

UN-Arab League envoy refused to give a firm date for a new round of talks in Geneva.