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Turkey cracks down on Syrian refugees

President Erdogan has threatened to ditch the EU refugee deal. After election losses and faced with escalating conflict in Idlib, the attitude toward the growing number of Syrian refugees has become increasingly harsh.

UN official says over 100,000 detained and missing in Syria

Reports suggest that more than 100,000 people in Syria have been detained, abducted or gone missing during the 8-year conflict, with the government mainly responsible, the UN political chief said Wednesday.


US plans complete withdrawal of troops from Syria

Such a decision, if confirmed, would upend assumptions about a longer-term US military presence in Syria, which U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis and other senior US officials had advocated to help ensure Islamic State cannot re-emerge.

Turkey to host four-nation summit on Syria crisis

Russia and Turkey reached an agreement last month to set up a demilitarized zone around the northwestern Syrian province of Idlib preventing a government offensive on the last rebel stronghold in the country.

German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas urges Russia to cooperate in solving Syria crisis

Russia is not a member of G7 and will not be taking part in the meeting. German Chancellor Angela Merkel has been very critical of Russia's involvement in both Syrian and Ukraine conflicts and backs continued European Union sanctions against Moscow.

A Post-Fact Conflict

How truth has been obscured in the narratives on chemical weapons in Syria.


Go Slow On Oil

Rising crude prices are cause for concern. But they don’t warrant going back on deregulation, forcing OMCs to absorb losses.

A Continuing Tragedy

Strikes on Syria raise questions of legitimacy of force, underline renewed great power rivalry, while a brutal civil war unfolds.

All civilised nations must unite to end Syrian civil war: Jim Mattis

Emphasising that the strikes are directed at the Syrian regime, Jim Mattis said in conducting these strikes, the US has gone to great lengths to avoid civilian and foreign casualties.

Medical evacuations begin from Syria's Eastern Ghouta: ICRC

Almost 400,000 people in Eastern Ghouta are besieged by forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad, and the United Nations has pleaded for his government to allow evacuation of around 500 patients, including children with cancer.