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South Korea confirms new cases of African swine fever

Since the first outbreak, over 15,000 pigs had been culled, according to agriculture ministry data, 0.1% of the country's pig population of more than 12 million pigs.

Maharashtra witnesses highest number of swine flu cases, deaths

The state has recorded 3,637 deaths and 33,284 cases of swine flu in the last 10 years.


Swine Flu: Know the symptoms, treatment and tips to stay safe

One should avoid taking over the counter medicines if you notice the symptoms of swine flu.

Manipur: 18-year-old youth dies of swine flu in Imphal

K. Rajo, Director of Health Department Manipur said that the department has enough stock of Tamivir to counter the disease in the event of an outbreak.

Swine fever toll in China may be twice as high as reported, industry insiders say

China, which produces half the world's pork, said this month its sow herd declined by a record 23.9% in May from a year earlier, a slightly deeper drop than for the overall pig herd.

Pig disease spreading in Asia as nations struggle to stop it

With pork supplies dwindling as leading producer China and hard-hit Vietnam destroy huge numbers of hogs and tighten controls on shipments, prices have soared by up to 40% globally and caused shortages in other markets.


As swine fever roils Asia, hogs are culled and dinner plans change

The highly contagious virus, which affects pigs but not humans, has been found in hog farms around the world for years. But the current outbreak affects a region where pork is often the primary staple of local diets.

An untreatable killer leaves China guessing

By China’s official estimates, the present outbreak of African swine fever, which affects pigs but is harmless to humans, has already been catastrophic. More than 1 million pigs have been culled.

Hardlook: Crisis H1N1, outbreak of Swine Flu

A sharp spike in swine flu cases has caught Delhi’s hospitals by surprise, with isolation wards running full and doctors advising abundant caution. Astha Saxena looks at how the healthcare setup is dealing with the crisis.

Three die of swine flu in two days, 97 positive cases reported in Uttar Pradesh

Two deaths each were reported in Bareilly, Saharanpur and Baghpat, while on case each has been reported in Lucknow, Prayagraj, Rae Bareli, Rampur and Kushinagar.