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Too hot to handle

A Swedish schoolgirl and the global movement she triggered against climate change.

The Sweden show

For seven years, an ordinary citizen was allowed to tweet what they wanted from the handle for a week, the only restriction being that they break no laws. There were surprises, of course, like the man who tweeted on the pleasures of self pleasure.


Reaching out

PM’s journeys abroad showcase continuing foreign policy innovation. But it is not insulated from turbulence at home.

Shock and awe

Sweden’s Disgusting Food Museum seeks to engender empathy in food cultures. It may end up reinforcing stereotypes/

In Sweden, eight-year-old girl pulls pre-viking sword from lake

It was exceptionally well-preserved and included a cover made from leather and wood, the Jonkoping county museum said in a statement posted this week.

In Sweden, trash heats homes, powers buses and fuels taxi fleets

However, garbage-fueled power plants are not a clean energy source. Some opponents claim these power plants are a “false solution” that greenwashes dirty incineration.


Sweden faces political deadlock after gains by far-right party

The Sweden Democrats, shunned by all the other parties since entering parliament in 2010, have promised to sink any Cabinet that refuses to give them a say in policy, particularly on immigration.

Thieves steal Swedish royal jewels, escape by speedboat

Thieves in Sweden walked into a small town's medieval cathedral in broad daylight and stole priceless crown jewels dating back to the early 1600s before escaping by speedboat, police said Wednesday.

A Maharashtrian wedding, a Swedish couple, and a 37-year-long search

The wedding was attended by the couple’s two children Johannes and Carita, as well as residents of the Satyasai Nagar Co-operative Housing Society.

Powerful explosion rocks Swedish police station

Explosives are often used by organised crime rings in Sweden, especially in the south where settling of scores and intimidation are frequent among drug traffickers.

Sweden Photos

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange's seven years in the Ecuadorean embassy

A look back at WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange's seven years inside the Ecuadorean embassy, after his South American hosts abruptly revoked his asylum and he was arrested by British police.