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Chinese mobile app surveils and categorises suspicious people: Human Rights Watch report

After “investigative missions,” the highest offenders are imprisoned, are subject to house arrest, are not allowed into public places, or are not allowed out of China, according to Human Rights Watch report.

Aadhaar amendment Bill gets Lok Sabha nod

"The Aadhaar technology is indigenous, low-cost and safe,” Union Law Minister Ravi Shankar said, adding that it had been lauded by the World Bank, IMF and other countries.


When the state plays I spy

Recent MHA notification authorising surveillance powers for 10 agencies points to asymmetries and loopholes in law and policy on privacy.

Under fire, govt defends order to intercept: Not new, strict checks

The Centre also said that the new system will prevent unauthorised use and every individual case will continue to require the prior approval of the Home Ministry or concerned state government.

Facing flak over surveillance fears, govt drops its plan for social media hub

When the matter came up for hearing first on July 13, Justice D Y Chandrachud had observed that “we will be moving to a surveillance state” if every tweet and WhatsApp message was going to be monitored.

Digital surveillance: When the govt wants to keep an eye on you

The possibility of a surveillance software that will track what you are saying online is the latest Orwellian nightmare come true


France's govt wants emergency surveillance powers

Valls urged a new intelligence bill for extraordinary measures that would be used only emergency.

Shunted cop wrote twice to govt before arresting Malda DM

Case looked at as hierarchy battle between IAS,IPS.

Blessings of mothers and sisters my shield: Narendra Modi

Modi said he had blessings of the mothers and sisters,which would protect him against all threats.

Security tightened for Mathura,Vrindavan temples

All busy areas in Mathura,Vrindavan,Govardhan and Barsana are under surveillance.