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American TV host is tired of being ‘Dad shamed’ by ‘Momsplainers’

The criticism also stems from Andy Cohen’s status as a single gay father, and how it subverts preconceptions about parenting and gender stereotypes. Some gay fathers say they often get unsolicited advice from strangers, based on the misconception that mothers know best.

Like Ekta Kapoor, more single women in India are becoming mothers. Here's how

Some single unmarried women today are opting for motherhood. Nearly two decades ago, Bollywood actress Sushmita Sen made news when she chose to become a single mother by adopting a girl at the age of 25, and her second 10 years later. And now, Ekta Kapoor has also welcomed a baby boy via surrogacy.


The challenges of gay fathers, going it alone

Most single gay men pursue what is known as gestational surrogacy: the surrogate is implanted with a fertilized embryo taken from a separate egg donor. The surrogate is not genetically related to the child.

The test tube baby: 40 years ago, and today

Fertility care, including IVF and surrogacy, is a booming market in India and could be nearing Rs 500 crore, according to some projections.

Cabinet clears decks for National Surrogacy Board

A statement issued by the Press Information Bureau said: “The proposed legislation ensures effective regulation of surrogacy, prohibit commercial surrogacy and allow altruistic surrogacy to the needy Indian infertile couples.”

Allow live-in couples, widows to avail surrogacy: Parliamentary panel to govt

The panel also spoke out against altruistic surrogacy, where a surrogate mother agrees to gestate without being compensated monetarily in any way. The committee also found "no point" in restricting NRIs, Persons of Indian Origin (PIOs), Overseas Citizen of India (OCIs) card holders from availing surrogacy services in India.


Parliamentary panel to place report on Surrogacy bill tomorrow

The legislation proposes to regulate surrogacy in India, prohibit commercial surrogacy and allow ethical surrogacy to needy infertile Indian couples. Under this bill, homosexuals, single parents, and live in couples are also not entitled for surrogacy.

Surrogacy remains a lure for Cambodia's poorest despite ban

. Cambodia is one of Asia's poorest countries with an average annual income of just USD 1,150. Nine months of surrogacy might bring in as much as nine years salary.

Grandmother gives birth to granddaughter in US

When Kelley was a teenager, she had jokingly asked her mother to carry her baby. Years later, her mom held true on her promise.

Families, Made in India

Stories of five couples who travelled to India and took the surrogacy route to become parents.