Supersonic News

NASA conducts quiet sonic boom tests near Texas Gulf Coast

NASA recruited about 500 volunteers from the Galveston area to give feedback and define the level at which they were able to hear the sonic booms from the F/A-18.

Indian made supersonic interceptor missile successfully test fired in Balasore

Developed as part of efforts to have a multi-layer ballistic missile defence system, it is capable of destroying incoming hostile ballistic missiles.


NASA to soon start testing 'quiet' supersonic flights over Texas

From November, the US space agency will use supersonic F/A-18 Hornet jets over Galveston to mimic the sonic profile of the X-59 while a group of around 500 residents document the noise levels.

NASA set to build quieter supersonic planes with Lockheed Martin

NASA and Lockheed Martin will develop a supersonic plane, that is expected to fly faster than the speed of sound without much noise.

Oasis documentary to be titled 'Supersonic'

Documentary on English rock bandOasis will be titled "Supersonic".

Not so Sunny in Goa

In the clash between EDM festivals Sunburn and Supersonic,with venues just a few kilometres apart and a line-up of similar artistes,the vibe they set will determine their success


A supersonic flight from footwear to ministry high

Gopal Kanda was facing bankruptcy in his shoe business by the mid-1990s