Thursday, Dec 01, 2022

Supermodel Heidi Klum


Social media users divided over Heidi Klum's lingerie photoshoot with daughter Leni: 'Very disturbing'

October 14, 2022 2:04 pm

"I like to think I’m progressive in these things, but mom and daughter in lingerie in the same video shoot is just a bit ick," one social media user wrote

Heidi Klum opens up about her leg insurance: 'One was actually more expensive than the other'

January 19, 2022 12:28 pm

The supermodel is not the only celebrity to have got their body part insured. Others in the list include Julia Roberts, David Beckham, Jennifer Lopez, to name a few

Heidi Klum wants women to workout everyday

April 23, 2014 2:26 pm

Supermodel Heidi Klum says she wants women to make workout a part of their daily life.

I am confident about my body: Heidi Klum

January 31, 2014 12:27 pm

"I've always felt great about my body. I've always been very confident, and I still am," she said.

Heidi Klum's motorcycle date with boyfriend

March 06, 2013 10:04 am

Despite sporting a crash helmet,Heidi Klum still managed to look as glamorous as ever.

Till tabloids do them part

January 28, 2012 2:42 am

Celebrity divorces may make racy reading but the gossip media could avoid punching celebs going through emotional crisis.

Till Tabloids Do Them Part

January 27, 2012 3:06 am

It seems impossible to open the newspapers these days and not read about some famous couple that has gotten divorced.