Supercomputer News

PM Modi inaugurates supercomputer 'Param Shivay' at IIT-BHU

The IIT-BHU got 'Param Shivay' Supercomputer of 833 teraflop capacity built at the cost of Rs 32.5 crore .

World's most powerful supercomputer unveiled

Scientists have created the world's fastest computer at the US Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory, that can process more than 3 billion calculations per second.


Atos unveils Bull sequana, the most efficient supercomputer

Atos Bull sequana is the first exascale-class supercomputer that offers thousand times more performance than current pentaflops-scale systems

C-DAC launches ‘world’s most compact supercomputing system’

The new high performance computing system aims to help scientific, engineering and academic programmes.

China retains world supercomputing crown

The Tianhe-2 by China's National University of Defence Technology can perform at 33.86 petaflop/s.

Thirst for raw power

China’s Tianhe-2 became the world’s fastest supercomputer in June,setting a new record in strategic technology. While this field grows at a phenomenal pace,the need for speedy calculations accompanies it. Supercomputers can zero in on solutions,eliminate duds,and test probabilities of variables much faster. Here’s a look at these gigantic arrays of processing power and what lies beneath


Soon,a supercomputer that recognises face,gait,human activity

A suspect is fleeing a crime scene through a crowded marketplace.

China surpasses US Titan,develops world's fastest supercomputer

Tianhe-2 is capable of operating as fast as 33.86 petaflops per second.

Stephen Hawking launches supercomp in UK

Technology: Most powerful shared-memory supercomputer in Europe to explain universe evolution

US regains top spot for fastest supercomputer

The most powerful system in Europe and number four on the List is SuperMUC,an IBM iDataplex system installed at Leibniz Rechenzentrum in Germany.