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Cranberries may help combat superbugs, says study

Given the popular belief that drinking cranberry juice is helpful against urinary tract infections, the researchers sought to find out more about the berry's molecular properties by treating various bacteria with a cranberry extract.

A growing threat

The latest drug-resistant microbe may not be a creation of overmedication, but of the overuse of fungicides in agriculture.


Microbes don't mutate into dangerous superbugs in space: Study

While the team from Northwestern University in the US found that the bacteria isolated from the ISS did contain different genes than their Earthling counterparts, those genes did not make the bacteria more detrimental to human health.

Bone marrow stem cells could defeat drug-resistant tuberculosis

Patients with potentially fatal “superbug” forms of tuberculosis (TB) could in future be treated using stem cells taken from their own bone marrow, according to the results of an early-stage trial of the technique. The finding, made by British and Swedish scientists, could pave the way for the development of a new treatment for the […]

Scientists create 'suicide bomber' that destroys superbug

The specially designed bacteria can detect and destroy a hospital superbug resistant to antibiotics.

Drinking tea,coffee could make us less susceptible to deadly superbug

Consumption of tea or coffee is associated with lower likelihood of MRSA nasal carriage,says Eric


Sex disease gets new 'superbug' avatar

Scientists have found a 'superbug' strain of gonorrhoea,resistant to all recommended antibiotics.

NDM-1 in Pune: Researchers

The controversial multi-drug-resistant superbug,the origin of which has been a matter of debate with the Centre taking strong exception to it being named after New Delhi

PMO seeks report on superbug

With a recent Lancet report claiming the presence of superbug in Delhi’s water,the Prime Minister’s Office has asked for a detailed report on the issue,sources said.

Superbug: Delhi govt to distribute free chlorine tablets

Dikshit told reporters that no superbug has been found in Delhi water.