Sunderbans News

Sundarbans threatened by 'heedless industrialisation', says UN expert

Last year, the High Court of Bangladesh directed the Government not to approve any industrial development within the 10-kilometre buffer zone of the reserved forest, but according to UNESCO, approvals continue to be given.

Sunderbans to set up infra-ray pillars, smart sensors to keep infiltrators at bay

According to BSF sources, the cost of the installation of the Infra-ray pillars per kilometre will be around Rs 25-30 lakh.


Robbers attack resort in Sunderbans, Mamata ministers calculate effect — ‘on tourism sector, of Bangladeshi criminals’

The incident took place at Piyali Island Tourist lodge around 1.45 am when the gang scaled the boundary wall.

Living on the Brink: What will happen to the residents of the sinking Ghoramara island in the Sunderbans

Residents of the sinking Ghoramara island in the Sunderbans have been moving inland for the last decade or so, but how long can they do so?

Need to protect Sunderbans, eco-tourism hub can wait, say environmentalists

To stop the degradation of Sunderbans, green crusader Subhas Datta has submitted a report to the National Green Tribunal.

Mamata Banerjee plans to turn Sunderbans into world-class tourist destination

The idea behind this is to attract the industrialists to invest in fields like infrastructural development and tourism in the area.


Life saving embankment stuck in land quagmire, blame game

Of planned 778-km embankment, only 21 km built in three years.

Captive-bred rare species of turtles to be released in Sunderbans

After successfully hatching critically endangered Batagur turtles in captivity,officials at the Sunderbans Tiger Reserve (STR) would release a batch of the hatchlings in the Sunderbans mid-2014.

R 2,000 for a 10-minute ride to see Kolkata from top

A private firm has come up with helicopter service for the tourists in Kolkata,who can take a 10-minute chopper ride to see the aerial views of city landmarks such as river Hooghly,Howrah Bridge,Victoria memorial.

Delhi among five Indian hotspots of illegal trade of tigers

Tigers were being poached in most of the 13 tiger range countries including China,India,Indonesia,Malaysia.