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Express 5: Meet actors who didn’t get to play Mary Kom; story of Gobind Singh Rathore’s valour

Here are five Express stories that you should must read before you start your day.


Protocol was tweaked to include senior BJP leader L K Advani as well as Leaders of the Opposition

Figure this: A sting in the tale

Some lawyers have complained that Mahmood has sometimes broken the law without clear public interest justification.

Kerala Marine Killings: ‘I don’t want my sons to go to sea,they must study’

Dora says she doesn’t want the government to pursue the case.

Five-year-old Delhi rape victim: ‘She loves school,has a best friend now’

The girl was sexually assaulted by two men for two days before she was found by her father.

Bihar Mid-day Meal Tragedy: ‘I don’t trust this school food or water,but my father can’t afford another one’

Among the 30-odd students of Class III and IV who share the 20 ft by 20 ft room in the school,it’s easy to miss the slight Neha.

Muzaffarnagar Riots: ‘I want to become an IPS officer so that I can stop people fighting’

The good marks only made the teenager miss school more.

Uttarakhand Disasters: ‘I want my children to become doctors or engineers’

Dhanita’s husband died in the floods and landslides this year that left 5,000 people dead.

‘The honest bachcha’

Inspired by Kejriwal,a large number of IIT students raised money and contributed to AAP funds.

Keeping data safe and sound

The Deltalis vault comes up in what once used to be Cold War-era army barracks.

Soon,three Snowden books

A tale that could live up to any spy novel.

Tipping in the name of the lord

Jack Selby has picked an unusual way of spreading the gospel — leaving huge tips to waiters.

Show a sour note but sweet music for Von Trapps

In a blog post,Francoise von Trapp,daughter of Maria von,questioned the casting.

Feeling the Gulf: Meet the men who returned from Saudi Arabia in wake of its ‘nitaqat’ law

Unable to find valid work permits in the wake of law,17000 migrants have returned to Kerala.

Odisha’s vicious migration cycle: ‘Do you want to part with your leg or hand?’

Labour contractor cut captive labours’ limbs as they failed to pay him Rs 2 lakhs.