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Singer Chinmayi Sripaada on how joining the #MeToo movement changed her

The rebellion of playback singer Chinmayi Sripaada and the aftermath of her dissent.

'Exploitable divides, racial in America or religious in India, will never vanish'

Amit Majmudar’s latest book, a retelling of the Ramayana, seeks new answers from ancient wisdom.


Made of clay and a monitor lizard's skin, this Goan drum could get heritage status

As the ghumot gets set to receive a state heritage status, Goans are only too happy to be beating the drum.

Clothes and the Core

The importance of fitness apparel. Or, T-shirt fit toh India fit.

Of tern poop, tickling turtles and reef-villain — starfish on Australia's Lady Elliot Island

The white-capped noddy tern, a seabird, was doing what his ancestors did. Pooped on the island to turn it into a guano (bird poop) mining site. So precious was guano as manure and ingredient for gunpowder that poop-diggers stripped the island bare for the expensive bird droppings.

Culture, people and history — Exploring the many flavours of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka's cuisine melds the cultures of its myriad ethnic groups, carries impressions of its colonial past, and is informed largely by its topography, and a little by the West too.


By The Book: ’Tis the Season

A fortnightly column on thematic recommendations for young ’uns. This week, on Christmas.

The right course

The sailor, whose service was terminated by the Indian navy after a gender reassignment surgery, explains why she is fighting back.

Speakeasy: Shine On, You crazy diamonds

The physics Nobel goes to Ligo, but science fiction is the real star

In a district infamous for child marriage, a teenager finds freedom in football

Boisterous in school, she turns painfully bashful at home. There is no laughter, no pranks, and no friends either.