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During Onam, the annual Pulikali festival in Thrissur sees people get into the skin of the tiger

In the processions, many have the feline’s face painted on their bellies and stripes on their limbs, others are wearing costumes, while some have donned masks.

Five months after the Easter Sunday bomb blasts, a church in Sri Lanka picks up the pieces

The building wears new paint, the walls are redecorated, but amidst the new installations, there is a melancholy addition — a stone plaque in memory of the 54 killed.


Life After Dark: There is more to Belgrade than bass, booze and blondes

Belgrade’s most popular attraction is the Church of Saint Sava, the largest Orthodox church in the world believed to be built over the remains of Sava, the Serbian prince and Orthodox monk.

The Gift of Choice: Why I homeschool my children

If a child questions, he is termed a rebel; if a citizen questions the government, he’s called an anti-national.

Lives of Adventure: On the uprising of 1857 and stories based on other historical events

A curated list of recommendations for the young ’uns. This week, on historical novels.

A Space to Call My Own: What makes a house a home?

Househunting is pretty much like finding a partner. One needs to feel secure, be assured of ample space, know just how private or public one wants to be.


More than ever we need a Mahatma Gandhi today

Mahatma Gandhi 150th Birth Anniversary: We quell debates on Gandhi in schools because we have made it feel like blasphemy. Yet, the only way the young can find their feet around him is to question.

By writing him letters, students from a university imagine a Gandhi for the here and now

Mahatma Gandhi 150th Birth Anniversary: What would Gandhi have done in 21st century India? How would his idea of “simple living and high thinking” reflect in this time and age? How would he have coped with and used technology?

How do students get to know the spunky Gandhi? A teacher devises a study plan

Mahatma Gandhi 150th Birth Anniversary: How can you expect children to understand that non-violence requires courage of the highest order when society as a whole celebrates and even rewards violence?

Families in Food: Smile and Serve

In its 96 years, this Old Delhi stall has proudly served chhole kulche to generations of school children.