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The lawyer who wants you to get her favourite book: the Constitution

Menaka Guruswamy, recently made senior advocate of the Supreme Court, on being inspired by the Constitution and why justice should not be blind.

Forwarded as Received: The Final Countdown

This chunaav season, the real agni pariksha is not just for the incumbent party, but also for the janta janardan — the voters.


Why this tailor-activist from Kerala is in the BBC's 100 inspiring women list

A tailor-activist holds out hope for unorganised women workers in Kozhikode.

The 1986 case that was the start of Maharashtra's farmer suicide 'epidemic'

Over three decades after she chanced upon Maharashtra’s first farmer suicide, a labour activist finds little has changed.

Varanasi's sari bunkars say a glorious tradition is hanging by a thread

A grim future looms over Varanasi’s bunkars, the craftsmen of the glorious Banarasi sari.

Digital Native: How an information overload affects what you forward

The information overload of social media sharing can make us act against our better judgement.


Portraits and tales of Kerala's unseen mariners

In a Kochi show, KR Sunil’s photographs capture little-known Malayali seamen.

India's first bullet train is taking 3 acres from a flamingo sanctuary

As the Mumbai-Ahmedabad bullet-train project gets clearance to run through the Thane creek, environmentalists and birders aren’t too happy.

Remembering Kaifi Azmi, the people’s poet

In the centenary year of his birth, a look at Kaifi Azmi, his works, his place in the Progressive Writers’ Movement and the enduring relevance of his words.

Behind Oscar-winning 'Period. End of Sentence' is an English teacher from LA

How an American school project promoting menstrual hygiene in India led to an Oscar-winning film.