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How to prevent dehydration and heatstroke in children during summer

Heatstroke and dehydration in summer: Here are some ways to protect your child from the summer heat and ensure they are in good health during the season.

Eye Care Tips for Summer: Here's how you can protect your child from infections

Eye Care Tips for Summer: Your child's eyes are also exposed to dust particles, hot temperature radiations, very bright sights and even sweat, which may result in redness, squinting or itching of the eyes, leading to infections. So, parents can follow these tips to protect their child's eyes.


Alia Bhatt, Kriti Sanon and Katrina Kaif give summer fashion goals in these outfits

From bright pinks to pristine white, celebrities have been spotted in all colours this summer. Take a look at what their summer wardrobe is all about.

Beat the summer heat with your family at these cool outdoor places around Delhi NCR

If you live in Delhi NCR, its time to pay a visit to these places to take time off the hustle and bustle of city life.

Beat the heat: Why you need to include curd in your diet this summer

The humble dahi has more benefits than you know and in case you need some more reasons to eat it regularly, here are some.

Fruits that will help control your body temperature in this sweltering summer heat

Many fruits have a cooling effect and eating them will help you dealing with the heat. Here are some fruits you can include in your diet this summer.


Be it a crisp white suit or a flattering dress: Here are five ways to wear white this summer

White is one colour that can never go out of style. A classic since generations, it's about time you add some dimension to your summer wardrobe with these easy styling tips.

Retain the glow of your skin this summer with these useful tips

Applying a good sunscreen lotion, drinking lots of water and having foods that will keep the skin hydrated are some of the basic things one can do during summers.

From tomatoes to melons: Fill your plates with these healthy summer foods to beat the heat

From tomatoes to melons and coconut juice, here are some foods you must incorporate in your daily diet to cope with the hottest time of the year. 

Easy ways to stay hydrated in the sweltering summer heat

Staying hydrated in summers is essential for one's well-being. Here are some easy ways to keep yourself hydrated this summer.

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Top foods to hydrate your body in summer

When the temperature soars, dehydration becomes one of the major problems. An expert suggests that people consider food as a source of water.

Finding summer solace at India Gate park

With temperatures reaching 38 degrees every day, India Gate, the colonial park in the center of New Delhi is a temperate escape for many.


The heat is on: People find different ways to cool down, animals too

The Indian Subcontinent is witnessing an unprecedented heat wave even by Indian standards.