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Here are five fuel-sipping fun cars for summer

Fuel prices in the domestic market are on the rise as the price of crude oil in global markets went up. But fun cars don't have to be thirsty. Here's a list of the top five engines that suit your wallet too.

Delhi weather: Hottest day recorded as mercury shoots up to 45 degrees

"The maximum temperature is expected to hover around 45 degrees Celsius during the next two days with continuing heatwave," the official said. The relative humidity decreased to 27 per cent.


Pune: Afternoon rainfall brings respite from heat

According to the Met department, Vidarbha will experience rain till middle of the week that is likely to bring some relief from the heat. The other sub-divisions will remain dry.

Under the 40-degree plus sun, Delhi Zoo goes into summer protocol

It’s hot outside, but nowhere in the national capital can temperatures rise as high or as fast as in this 176-acre area.

Ahmedabad records hottest day in century as mercury hits 48 degrees Celcius

Excessive heat claimed one more life in Ahmedabad — fourth since Monday. Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation-run V S Hospital has reported 27 heat-related cases since May 1.

Heat wave sweeps state, Kandla hits 48.4 degrees

At 46.9 degrees, hottest day for Ahmedabad in last 6 years.


Tried and tested: 7 simple cures for smelly feet

From using vinegar to lavender oil, here are a few simple tips to keep foot odour at bay.

2,783 suffer heat stroke in Maharashtra, action plan set in motion

MEMS is a state-run project under the National Health Mission and operated by Bharat Vikas Group (BVG Limited) and UKSAS (United Kingdom).

Expect respite from heat in next two days in Chandigarh, says weather department

The temperature had soared to 42.7 degree Celsius on May 2, making it the hottest day since 1982.

Pune sizzles in ‘hottest’ April as mercury touches a 47-year high

IMD Director, weather, Sunita Devi said the frequency of days when the maximum temperature soared to more or equal to 39 degree Celsius was the highest this April for the city.

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Top foods to hydrate your body in summer

When the temperature soars, dehydration becomes one of the major problems. An expert suggests that people consider food as a source of water.

Finding summer solace at India Gate park

With temperatures reaching 38 degrees every day, India Gate, the colonial park in the center of New Delhi is a temperate escape for many.


The heat is on: People find different ways to cool down, animals too

The Indian Subcontinent is witnessing an unprecedented heat wave even by Indian standards.