Summer heat

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Easy ways to keep yourself hydrated this summer

The most common condition that people suffer from during summer is dehydration, wherein the body loses significant amount of water along with minerals and electrolytes.

Quick tips to beat the heat and maintain an ideal body temperature

Wear loose, full-sleeved, light-coloured cotton clothes as these protect the body from the sun and aid evaporation of sweat. Wearing a hat or sun glasses is also helpful.


How to keep your child's stomach cool in summers

How to cool stomach heat: Avoid heavy meals as the digestive system becomes sensitive during summer. It is best to eat smaller meals at shorter intervals as it goes easy on the digestive system and keeps one from feeling hungry as well.

How to prevent dehydration and heatstroke in children during summer

Heatstroke and dehydration in summer: Here are some ways to protect your child from the summer heat and ensure they are in good health during the season.

Beat the heat with these refreshing summer beverages

You can bookmark these easy summer drinks recipes for your next house party. We are sure your guests will love them.

A simple guide to keep your body cool in the sweltering heat

Consuming fluids are especially important during summer as our bodies are generally depleted of them. These help replenish our systems and help us feel cool.


Why do people suffer from nosebleed during summers; ways to stop it

Nose bleeds usually are not serious and can be easily stopped. Here are some quick ways you can try if you are prone to nose bleeds during the summer season.

This summer likely to be warmer than previous years, says Met dept

During the 2016 Hot Weather Season (April to June), warmer than normal temperatures are expected in all meteorological sub-divisions of the country.

As heat rises, DC slams PAU, offices for not providing water to birds

The DC has also asked PAU Vice-Chancellor in his letter to ensure 'varsity keeps water bowls on all its buildings for birds to quench their thirst'.

Homemade beverages best for beating the heat

Inadequate fluid intake could lead to dehydration.