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Sukhna Lake: UT fishery department team collects samples of water, bird droppings

It is the second time since the arrival of migratory birds at the lake when water samples and bird droppings have been collected this year.

Chandigarh: Efforts bear fruit as fern plants start showing signs of growth

Fern plants collected from near and far-off places have started showing signs of growth at Fern House, which was inaugurated a month ago at Botanical Garden, Sarangpur. Caretakers have installed bamboo sticks for giving support to these plants, which are increasing in their size, and to growing bine (a twinning stem of flexible shoot). The […]


Chandigarh: Nine houses swept away after Kaushalya Dam floodgates opened

Fearing a mishap, power supply to this colony was also switched off. Other houses started getting washed away after 10:30 pm. The house of Nirmala, a widow and a mother of three sons, was the second one to go.

Sukhna Lake floodgates open after a decade as water level crosses danger mark

People from nearby villages, including Saketri, Kishangarh, Kansal, and visitors at Sukhna Lake thronged the regulatory end to witness the historic release of water.

High Court judges to visit Sukhna Lake, inspect sewage flow

The division bench, however, said it would select a date and visit the area for inspection. It said, “Can we start contempt proceedings on newspaper reports. No, we cannot.”

Chandigarh: New 3D technology draws bird lovers in large numbers

The images are linked to a mobile application, Digiwings. This application not only displays 3D images of the birds but one can also listen to the voice of birds as well as get to know more details about the avian species.


Chandigarh: Sukhna Lake water douses Kasauli fires

Two Indian Air Force (IAF) helicopters were pressed into service Saturday to lift water from the Sukhna Lake and use it to douse a massive forest fire at Kasauli that was spreading close to the Lower Mall and threatening the Air Force station as well. 

‘Sukhna Lake is dead, its capacity to discharge and recharge is over’

Rajendra Singh, popularly known as the Waterman of India, and his NGO, Tarun Bharat Sangh, have revived over five rivers in dry states by using traditional methods of water conservation. The Indian Express speaks to him about the future of Chandigarh’s iconic Sukhna Lake.

Parking at Sukhna lake: 14 attendants sacked for overcharging commuters

On Monday, the enforcement wing of the corporation recovered 15 such parking slips where the contractor had overcharged the commuters at the parking lot of Sukhna Lake.

Rain pushes up Sukhna water level

The ideal level of the lake is considered to be 1,160 feet. But once the water reaches the 1,158 ft mark, chances of the lake drying up in the next summer are low.