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Sugary drinks linked to increased cancer risk, says study

The consumption of sugary drinks has increased worldwide during the last few decades and is convincingly associated with the risk of obesity, which in turn is recognised as a strong risk factor for many cancers, said researchers, including those from the University of Paris 13 in France.

Sugary drinks in pregnancy can make infants fat

Artificial sweetener consumption during pregnancy may increase the risk of infants being overweight in early childhood.


Sugary drinks can up dangerous deep fat in middle-aged people

Deep fat may boost Type-2 diabetes and heart disease risk.

New York judge invalidates law banning sale of sugary drinks

Bloomberg's law restricting the sale of sugary drinks to not more than 16 ounces.

Industry sues over NYC crackdown on sugary drinks

Soda makers,restaurateurs and other businesses have sued to try to block the city's unprecedented move to restrict sales of super-sized,sugary drinks.

New York plans to ban big sizes of sugary drinks

Obesity: Mayor proposes move to battle rising obesity,sale of sweetened drink above 16 fluid ounces to be banned


A drink a day

Moderate drinking linked to lower diabetes risk in women with high carb diets

Sugary drinks linked to high blood pressure

Here's one more reason why one should avoid or reduce taking sugary drinks.