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Returns from research: One cane variety lifts a state’s sugar industry

For the first time, Uttar Pradesh is set to surpass Maharashtra in both production and sugar recovery this season.

Right price of sugar

Government should allow market forces, mutual interest between miller and farmer, to decide


Flight to safety

The current rush among farmers to grow sugarcane, cereals is a reflection of falling returns from other crops

Cane arrears crisis again as sugar prices crash

UP mills have in the current 2017-18 sugar season (October-September), as on Wednesday, bought cane worth Rs 15,481.73 crore at the state advised price (SAP) of Rs 315 per quintal for normal and Rs 325 per quintal for early-maturing varieties.

In Fact: Why sugarcane can’t be blamed for Marathwada drought woes

It is a convenient whipping boy, even though it consumes less water on a per-day basis than other crops, and even less for every unit weight of biomass produced.

Bitter cane: Uttar Pradesh farmers face 4-year no raise prospect

Akhilesh Yadav’s govt will find granting even a token increase in state advised price difficult, despite assembly elections just over a year away.


From the drought zone: Sugarcane becomes fodder for Maharashtra’s farmers

Growers see more value in supplying for cattle than mills.

Maharashtra set to ban sugarcane farming in drought zone

The ban could be extended to some districts of North Maharashtra and Western Maharashtra, which too are facing a water crisis.

Failing farmers put all eggs in cane basket

Farmers across India are planting more sugarcane despite payment arrears crossing Rs20,000 crore.