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From chocolates to yogurt: Does 'sugar-free' mean 'no sugar'

Sugar is a simple carbohydrate that the body converts into glucose and uses for energy. But the effect on the body and your overall health depends on the type of sugar you are consuming.

'Parents should give less sugar, more vegetables and bitter flavours in baby food'

Consumption of added sugar can lead to weight gain. It is also known to be one of the leading causes of tooth decay in kids. So, researchers are recommending parents to prevent kids from developing a sweet tooth.


Govt may provide subsidised sugar to 16 crore additional families under PDS

The distribution of additional foodgrains through the PDS is being considered as state-run Food Corporation of India (FCI) is saddled with wheat and rice stock. With some foodgrains stock kept in open space, the FCI is under pressure to clear stock before the monsoon season starts.

Pune: Sugar production likely to fall next season, but prices may hold steady

While Lok Sabha elections have dominated headlines in the last couple of months, shifting the focus from drought-hit regions, the situation on the ground remains bleak.

India produces 32.11 million tonnes of sugar in October-April; to hit new record

In the other parts of the country, including Maharashtra and Karnataka also, the sugar recovery is better than last year, though not as high as it achieved in north India.

'Sugar rush' may be a myth: Study

The researchers found that sugar consumption has virtually no effect on mood, regardless of how much sugar is consumed or whether people engage in demanding activities after taking it.


Sugar output seen sinking to three-year low next season

Sugar exports may total 2.5 million to 3 million tons in the year ending September 30 compared with a government target of 5 million tons.

How to control your child's sugar intake and why

To avoid sugary foods, parents should introduce nutritious foods like whole foods while the kids are younger so that they adapt to eating more of healthy foods.

Private sugar millers in Maharashtra find it hard to procure working capital

For years, when mills recorded good sugar realisation, the committee had recommended division of the revenue generated between growers and millers in the 70:30 ratio. Millers have protested against the calculation as they feel it requires more clarity and normalisation.

Maharashtra ministers skip meeting by millers to discuss ways to fix falling sugar prices

Millers said during the meeting of the ministerial committee held earlier this week, Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis had promised that if the Uttar Pradesh government announced a subsidy package, the state government would follow suit.

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Why we should think twice before indulging in that chocolate cake

Sugar can be addictive, but its excessive consumption can cause health problems. So, as much as you can, avoid a sugar glut!

8 steps: How to adopt sugar-free diet in your lifestyle

There is plenty of sugar in disguise which you may not account for. Here are some tips to make your transition to a sugar-free diet easier. (Text: Ishi Khosla)


6 ways: How to stop your sugar craving

Experts from the fields of nutrition and fitness say there are ways of reducing sugar craving, reports (Text: IANS)