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Clashes erupt as Sudanese march on presidential palace

The protest was called by the umbrella of independent professional unions and supported by the country's largest political parties, Umma and Democratic Unionist.

Interpol: Sudan rescues 94 human traffic victims, 85 minors

Interpol said that 200 Sudanese officers took part in Operation Sawiyan, with the Lyon, France-based police agency training and equipping investigators.


Sudan's President Omar Hassan al-Bashir dissolves government amid economic crisis

The announcement came just after Bashir called an emergency meeting of ruling party officials in the presidential palace on the back of growing economic concerns over price rises and shortages.

South Sudan's warring leaders sign peace deal to share power

South Sudan's civil war erupted in December 2013 between supporters of Kiir and his then-deputy Machar. Tens of thousands have died in the war.

Sudan student who underwent amputation after train mishap dies

Jowahir Abdullah was slated to catch a flight back home from Mumbai when she reached Dadar station on July 12 from Sangli by the Koyna Express.

Sudan releases political prisoners from Khartoum jails

The United States in October lifted 20-year-old sanctions on Sudan, prompting calls from the International Monetary Fund for the African country to float its currency among other measures that it said could help its economy recover.


Sudan announces state of emergency in Kassala, North Kurdufan: Report

The move is part of ongoing disarmament campaigns which started near Darfur and Blue Nile in October.

Swiss aid worker abducted in western Sudan's Darfur province

Just weeks ago UNAMID, a joint African Union and the United Nations peacekeeping force, began reducing the number of its troops in the region, citing a fall in violence there. Khartoum had in recent years insisted that UN peacekeepers leave the region, saying the conflict there had ended.

US says time not 'right' for talks on removing Sudan from blacklist

However, the US did not drop Sudan from the blacklist, a consistent demand by Khartoum in return for cooperating with US intelligence agencies in fighting "terrorism".

South Sudan no longer in famine, but situation is critical

The situation remains critical, according to reports by South Sudan's National Bureau of Statistics and the U.N.'s updated food and security analysis. "People are in a catastrophic situation," said Serge Tissot, of the Food and Agricultural Organization

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South Sudan becomes the youngest country

On this day in 2011, South Sudan gained independence and became the youngest country in the world.