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Sudanese authorities arrest members of Bashir's party, claim sources

Bashir, who is also being sought by the International Criminal Court (ICC) over allegations of genocide in Sudan's western Darfur region, was ousted on April 11 by the military following months of protests against his rule and had been held at a presidential residence.

The revolutionary force behind Sudan’s protest movement? Doctors

“Doctors had a great role, and they still have a great role, in this revolution,” said Dr Mohamed Nagy Al-Asam, 28, a leader of the movement.


Explained: What next for Sudan after Omar al-Bashir's fall?

Bashir, 75, was one of the longest-serving leaders in Africa and the Arab world. He took power in a coup in 1989 and had survived isolation from the West, civil wars, the split between Sudan and South Sudan, indictment by the International Criminal Court, and several previous bouts of protest.

In South Sudan, midwives bring down deaths despite the odds

The country has one of the highest maternal mortality rates in the world but recently, despite a civil war that killed almost 4,00,000 people, maternal health has shown improvement after a concerted effort by the government and partners to dramatically increase the number of trained midwives.

Emergency declared in Sudan after Army overthrows President Bashir

Ibnouf also declared a state of emergency in the country for the next three months with the constitution being suspended. He added that elections would be conducted at the end of the transitional period.

‘Just fall, that’s all’ — Sudan protests seeking Al-Bashir’s ouster gain momentum

The Sudanese minister for information, Hassan Ismail, the government’s main spokesman, “commended the way the regular forces dealt with demonstrators who gathered in front of the army general command,” the state news agency reported.


Sudan declares state of emergency, dissolves government

In a subsequent decree, Bashir set up a caretaker administration comprising a senior official from each ministry, but kept the defense, foreign and justice ministers in place.

Clashes erupt as Sudanese march on presidential palace

The protest was called by the umbrella of independent professional unions and supported by the country's largest political parties, Umma and Democratic Unionist.

Interpol: Sudan rescues 94 human traffic victims, 85 minors

Interpol said that 200 Sudanese officers took part in Operation Sawiyan, with the Lyon, France-based police agency training and equipping investigators.

Sudan's President Omar Hassan al-Bashir dissolves government amid economic crisis

The announcement came just after Bashir called an emergency meeting of ruling party officials in the presidential palace on the back of growing economic concerns over price rises and shortages.

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South Sudan becomes the youngest country

On this day in 2011, South Sudan gained independence and became the youngest country in the world.