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Kirana faces trouble from local bosses

In Ferozepur, it is not possible for a chemist to run a shop despite having the licence from the municipal authorities, a pharmacy degree and the capital.

Rahul rediscovers Manmohan Singh’s diagnosis

Five-point task of DMU was to do same things that CCI is supposed to be doing,except for giving final clearance.


AAP can't speak for India's cities

The six megalopolises account for over 23 per cent of India’s urban population.

Forensic audit of ministries,too?

The forensic audit of United Bank of India ordered by RBI is a first in the country’s banking history.

For banks,is investing in stocks more risky than lending for NPAs? 

With the field loaded so clearly for the borrowers is it any wonder debt is a far more attractive option even if technically equity is cheaper?

Who will carry the growth story?

India is yet to reach the status of middle income countries—it is still a decade and more away.


Unlisted insurance companies? Ask Parliament

Millions of Indians still can't use stock mkts to monitor activities of insurance companies.

Why the right men matter in saving the Rupee

But analysts poring over this period could find that policies were made worse by another piece of damage the UPA I and II inflicted on the economy.

Public sector banks pay for the rupee war

The collateral damage from the currency war RBI is waging has crashed on the public sector banks.

RBI’s right response to the wrong cause

On two Mondays the RBI has demonstrated two techniques to keep the rupee form toppling over