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Here are some reasons why your hair could be aging prematurely

From stress and pollution, to hormones and genes; know what could be at play.

'We are already on our way to the destination, why worry?'

Dr Janki Santoke on why worrying about the future is futile.


World Mental Health Day 2019: Pet owners on why they owe their life to their four-legged friends

We asked people to describe the one thing that brought them great joy and light, when they were dealing with the tough times. The answers came pronto. It was their pets — their reason for being.

Feeling under the weather lately? Here are some signs you need to exercise more

Exercising is not just limited to having weight-loss benefits.

Losing hair? Here's why it could be happening

While it is advisable to get it checked by a professional, here are some things that could be happening with your body — ones that are well within your control.

The right to nap: Indian employees wish to sleep a wink at work

According to a survey conducted by Wakefit, 70 per cent of 1,500 respondents said they do not have a 'nap room' at work and 86 per cent felt having one would boost their productivity. 


World Brain Day 2019: Know all about the chronic condition of migraine

Migraine is the second most common cause of headache, affecting about 15 per cent of women and six per cent of men.

Newly described form of stress promotes longevity: Study

The findings, published in the journal Science Advances, suggest that chromatin stress response and the longevity it mediates may be conserved in other organisms.

Dogs mirror owner's stress, says study

Researchers at Linkoping University in Sweden have examined how stress levels in dogs are influenced by lifestyle factors and by the people that the dogs live with.

Night owls can 'retrain' their body clocks to improve mental well-being

'Night owls' are individuals whose internal body clock dictates later-than-usual sleep and wake times -- in this study participants had an average bedtime of 2.30 am and wake-up time of 10.15 am.