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Trouble falling asleep? These 5 tips will help you slip into snooze mode with ease

From avoiding caffeinated drinks and short naps to practising deep breathing before going to bed, here are five tips you must follow if you are too stressed out to sleep.

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World Health Day: Getting ‘inked’ to cope up with mental stress? Experts decode the pros and cons of tattoos

World Health Day 2018: People often opt for motivational designs like a swallow tattoo to serve as constant reminders of moving ahead. However, does it really have positive mental effects? Read on to get an insight on the much-debated query.

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Exam stress? Experts share how to cope with it and improve performance

Amidst the exam preparations, a sense of nervousness or stress is pretty normal. However, the trouble starts when exam anxiety and nerves become overwhelming for the students. Experts decode how to deal with exam stress.

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Mindfulness can lower stress, boost academic success

According to a study, mindfulness training may help lower stress as well as reduce the risk of developing common mental health issues such as anxiety and depression in students, which would help them perform well in their academics.

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Financial stress can put your heart at risk

A new study has claimed that people suffering from financial stress are at a 13 times higher risk of having heart attack. People in the developing countries, are experiencing a hike in the chronic diseases of lifestyle.

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Stress is just as unhealthy as junk food

A study carried out on mice showed that the bacteria in the gut of the mice under stress turned to bacteria in the gut of the mice on a high-fat diet.

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Mumbaikars worst hit by stress: Study

The major worries of working professionals are tight deadlines, missing targets, coping with pressure, office politics, long working hours, indifferent and unsupportive managers and work-life balance.

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Write about your feelings to cool brain on stressful tasks

While previous research has shown that expressive writing can help individuals process past traumas or stressful events, the current study suggests the same technique can help people — especially worriers — prepare for stressful tasks in the future.

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Chronic stress can cause structural changes in the brain

Suffering from stress, anxiety and depression? Your brain might change its shape!

Stress may kill sex in first-time parents: Study

This research may assist parents, therapists and others to help new mothers and fathers better understand the strains of transition to parenthood.

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Certain genes related to mood, stress can impact longevity

A series of genes involved in mood and stress disorders could have an impact on the longevity. Researchers suggest these genes are targets for therapeutic interventions.

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Moderate to high stress level among nurses in ICU, general wards: PGI study

Moderate stress level is prevalent more among ICU nurses (57.8 per cent), while high stress level among nurses working in wards (54.5 per cent).

Anxiety prone? A walk in nature can only make things worse

People tend to do better in environments that fit with their personality.

The easy way to do more in lesser time with lower stress

The crux is breaking down the task into a number of small steps setting out what exactly has to be done and in which order.

in the absence of caring, understanding alone does not cut it when stressful situations arise in relationships.

Listening and showing compassion towards your stressed spouse boosts romance: Study

Just understanding your partner’s problems is not enough, empathy is essential too.