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Drinking can push students into vicious cycle of poor grades, stress

For the study by researchers from Binghamton University in the US, 558 students from different US colleges completed an anonymous survey on academic performance, daytime sleepiness, substance use and mental distress.

Having pets may lower stress in older adults

Two-thirds of all pet owners, and 78 per cent of dog owners, said their pet helps them be physically active, according to the findings from University of Michigan in the US.


Controlling the source of stress may be key to reducing its impact: Study

Stress might have a bearing on our mental and physical well-being. In a recently conducted study, researchers found out that the best way to manage stress was to control the source of stress.

Here's how you can go for a digital detox

In case you are wondering how to detach from the digitally connected world, here are some ways in which you can go for a digital detox. 

Your body may not cope with evening stress: Study

The body's central system reacts less strongly to acute psychological stress in the evening than it does in the morning, suggesting possible vulnerability to stressful events in the evening, says study.

Looking for a mental detox? Join your child in having fun

We are living in a world of work overdose. If you see people returning from office, you would often see sadness written all over their faces.


Trouble falling asleep? These 5 tips will help you slip into snooze mode with ease

From avoiding caffeinated drinks and short naps to practising deep breathing before going to bed, here are five tips you must follow if you are too stressed out to sleep.

World Health Day: Getting 'inked' to cope up with mental stress? Experts decode the pros and cons of tattoos

World Health Day 2018: People often opt for motivational designs like a swallow tattoo to serve as constant reminders of moving ahead. However, does it really have positive mental effects? Read on to get an insight on the much-debated query.

Exam stress? Experts share how to cope with it and improve performance

Amidst the exam preparations, a sense of nervousness or stress is pretty normal. However, the trouble starts when exam anxiety and nerves become overwhelming for the students. Experts decode how to deal with exam stress.

Mindfulness can lower stress, boost academic success

According to a study, mindfulness training may help lower stress as well as reduce the risk of developing common mental health issues such as anxiety and depression in students, which would help them perform well in their academics.