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Why, even after help in debt payoff, small vendors keep returning to moneylenders

The study was conducted in India and the Philippines. Most vendors fell back into debt within 4-6 weeks and 2 years after they had been rescued by a grant.

Vendors’ rights grossly affected, says Delhi High Court

The High Court said the matter “may be looked into expeditiously, as the number of cases are increasing and, on the other hand, we find that there are obstructions on roads and pavements as well and in the absence of formation of TVC, rights of street vendors are being grossly affected”.


Chandigarh: Traders slam MC move, say they collect tax from us but support street vendors

Unhappy with the decision, Chandigarh Beopar Mandal chairperson Charanjeev Singh says that they will take up the issue with the Municipal Corporation and Chandigarh Administration.

The golgappa gap: A day in the life of street vendors taking hygiene lessons

Cleanliness, grooming, new recipes, and nerves before an exam. A lot is on the plate of these 25

NDMC sets up committee to identify, relocate street vendors

The survey will note details of street vendors and the areas from where they operate currently.

Rajkot MLA demands better facilities for street vendors

The UPA government had formed the street vendor policy for ensuring that you continue to earn your livelihood.


How we define the street

New street vendors act is welcome. But questions of hawkers’ rights come down to our understanding of city spaces and people.

Delhi Belly

Those early 20th-century genteelfolk who knew exactly which fork was meant for eating crumpets while riding down the Rajpath in a horse-drawn carriage,and for whom the word “genteelfolk” was surely invented.

HC turns down street vendors’ request to reoccupy original hawking sites

With the Delhi High Court turning down the request of over 230 street vendors,who sought a direction allowing them to reoccupy their vending sites in the New Delhi Municipal Council zone

MC to conduct survey on vendors to formulate policy

The Municipal Corporation will conduct a survey to assess the location and type of work being undertaken by the footpath workers or vendors.