Street Vendors Bill

Street Vendors Bill News

Rahul Gandhi promises to address problems of street vendors

Street vendors complained that despite passage of the bill to protect their rights, they face daily harassment.

How we define the street

New street vendors act is welcome. But questions of hawkers’ rights come down to our understanding of city spaces and people.


Congress will work to empower street vendors: Rahul Gandhi

Rajya Sabha Wednesday passed the bill which aims to regulate street vending and protect the rights of urban street vendors, besides ensuring steps against their harassment by police and civic authorities.

Down on the street

The law for street vendors could help bring a welcome break from town planning from on high

Now,govt to table Bill to protect street vendors

The UPA government’s next Bill to be tabled in the Lok Sabha aims to provide amnesty to millions of street vendors from immediate eviction.

Govt gives nod to bill on street vendors

Under the bill,anyone over 18 years can register as a street vendor by making a one-time fee.