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Majority of Indians select travel destinations for the food; find out which city fares high on the list

With Kolkata leading the way with the spicy and savoury puchka, Amritsar is following suit with the famous Amritsari kulcha. Ahmedabad, Mumbai and New Delhi have also emerged as much sought after food destinations.

Eight healthy, nutritious, seasonal Indian street foods you are blind to

From kachalu chat to shikhanji, our streets, thankfully, still feature these seasonal street foods. You just have to look a little harder to find them.


Matunga's 'Cafe Madras' got an official dibs on the restaurant name

The Kamaths claimed to be the registered proprietors of the marks ‘Café Madras’ since 2005.

Streetside Gourmet

TALK scoured the Ghatkopar to bring you a list of the best food stalls serving eclectic and mouth-watering fare.

Gorge on cuisines of India at Delhi's Street Food Festival

From Delhi's chilli momos to idli-sambar and dosas of Tamil Nadu, satisfy your appetite with the variety of dishes.

Love street food? Try this Kolkata special egg roll

Though not very different from the ‘kathi roll’ of Delhi and the ‘frankie’ of Mumbai, egg roll has its own unique charm.


Crazy about street food? Try thattu dosha, omplate

The steaming hot thattu dosha and omplate, the latest fad in Kerala street food. And, it's a complete meal - for all of Rs 25!

Word of Mouth

Rashmi Hiray,a BBA student at MIT,swears that no food tastes as good as what is served at Vishwaraj snacks near her college

Night food street ‘worse than before’,HC tells UT,MC

HC asks MC to respond to the amicus curiae report.

Comfort Zone

With a squeaky clean ambience,Urbane Tadka is a modern dhaba with its heart in the right place

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How to pair these domestic wines with the best Indian street food

Onion bhajiyas with white wine? Say cheers