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Panchkula’s big problem: Stray dogs and cattle

The city’s civil hospital records at least 15 patients of dog bite every day. DCP Panchkula Kamaldeep Goyal also joined the list of the aggrieved on July 3, when he suffered a ligament tear in his knee while trying to save himself from a stray dog’s attack.

Dogcatchers hired by municipal body subjected canines to extreme cruelty: Police

More than 90 dogs were found dead in a forest along Buldana-Ajintha road with legs tied and mouths muzzled.


Stray dogs maul eight-month-old girl to death in Faridkot, sister in hospital

The incident took place when their parents, both migrant labourers, were transplanting paddy in a field while they were playing nearby. Shambhu, the girls’ father, said Radha and Komal were sitting under a tree near the fields when a pack of stray dogs came running and attacked them.

Mathura: After dogs kill 7-year-old girl, authorities call for vigilance

The girl had suffered several bite injuries all over her body and she later succumbed to injuries at a local hospital.

Attacked by strays, won’t go back to Shanti Kunj again: A first person account from Chandigarh

Nestled in a posh neighbourhood home to bureaucrats and judges, Shanti Kunj is fast turning into a colony of stray dogs that attack children, senior citizens, and workers in the park.

400 victims a month in two clinics, Chandigarh goes to the dogs

According to UT animal husbandry department’s survey, there were around 8,000 stray dogs in the city in 2012 and the number crossed 13,000 in 2015 as per the rough estimates,.


Not enough money, some agencies ‘not serious’, in it ‘only for money’

And at least one former representative of one of these four agencies also claimed that some of the agencies chosen to do this work were “not serious” about their job and were in it “only for money”.

As civic sterilisation programmes fail to keep up, Pune sees increase in number of strays, dog bite cases

To control the stray dog population in the city, the PMC has been running a sterilisation programme since 2010. It claims to have sterilised 71,740 dogs during the last eight years, for which data is available.

Ensure street dogs are not a nuisance while feeding them: Delhi High Court

The order came on the plea by one Om Prakash Saini, who jointly holds the property with the two respondents, claiming that keeping and feeding the stray dogs in the common driveway was "causing immense nuisance and harassment for the other residents". The court has listed the matter for further hearing on September 1.

Culling should not mean indiscriminate killing: SC decision on stray dogs not out of place

There is no doubt that people – especially children and the elderly – have had mauling encounters with strays that demand urgent attention. But can all be punished to death in vendetta for a few violent, possibly sick, dogs?