Stonehenge News

Missing piece of Britain's ancient Stonehenge returned after 60 years

Robert Phillips, an employee of the diamond cutting firm Van Moppes which carried out the work, kept the extracted stone core and later took it to the United States when he emigrated there, English Heritage said.

Archaeologists discover 4,500 year old 'superhenge' that dwarfs Stonehenge

The fragments of more buried stones, or the massive foundation pits in which they stood, show the full extent of the monument.


Stonehenge occupied 5,000 yrs earlier than previously thought

Stonehenge may have been occupied 5,000 years earlier than previously believed,archaeologists have found.

Soggy solstice: Stonehenge gets soaking

Rain-sodden crowds welcomed a spectacularly rainy summer solstice at Stonehenge in true British fashion.

World's most over-rated tourist sites

A book,titled,'The Road Less Travelled: 1,000 Amazing Places Off the Tourist Trail',has outlined the world’s most over-rated tourist sites.