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‘We need to be more inclusive’: Anita Dube

Artist Anita Dube, curator of the fourth edition of the Kochi-Muziris Biennale, talks about questioning hierarchies and breaking stereotypes

How dumb! Blondes are just as smart as others

This study provides compelling evidence that there shouldn't be any discrimination against blondes based on their intelligence.


These 7 stereotypes of Sarojini Nagar shoppers will make you laugh, or cringe

Find out your stereotypical Sarojini Nagar shopping personality in this hilariously accurate video.

Who is That Girl?

Maa tujhe salaam are the words that come screaming,though in a pleasant non-raspy sort of voice,into our heads the moment we think of the quintessential Indian woman.

Redefining Spirituality

The lecture hall at the building called 'Vairagya' at Vedanta Academy in Malavali,59 kms from Pune,was full of disciples listening attentively to Swami Parthasarthy last week.

Ignoring stereotypes can help females excel in studies

Researchers have found that women perform worse on math tasks if simply made aware of the negative stereotype that women are weaker in math than men.