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Lancet study on stents ‘lightweight’ job, say cardiologists

The issue of stents and their pricing is being debated in India after the National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority capped their prices earlier this year.

Doctors’ alliance: Discard letter opposing cap on prices of stents, orthopaedic implants

Scientific data suggests that so called innovative re-absorbable stents are in no way superior to the drug-eluting stents, which have a price cap, stated ADEH.


Stent price down, but angioplasty cost still same: Insurance firms

A scrutiny of bills showed the cutback in stent costs had been offset by an increase in the cost of other components needed for the procedure, including balloons and catheters.

Letter to the Editor: Forcing patriotism

Orders asking people in government offices to sing the national song once a month, school and colleges twice a week and directing movie theaters to play the national anthem before every show do evoke this analogy. The nation should not beg, plead or demand patriotism; it has to come from within.

Address this blockage

Even before the price control move was instituted, only 40 per cent of the stents used in the country were indigenously manufactured; the rest were imported. With prices of imported stents and Indian stents now being the same, doctors and patients could prefer the imported devices.