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Mumbai: Baby who had broncho-pulmonary disorder treated with stem cells

In October 2018, doctors pumped 8 ml of diluted umbilical cord stem cells into the baby’s lungs, through a pipe inserted in his mouth. The stem cells regenerated the underdeveloped lung muscles, vessels and alveolar lining in the lungs.

Health ministry puts stem cell in ‘new drugs’ list, man moves court to continue treatment

On a video call, Bhatia slowly mouths his words. “Muscles in my face, shoulder and arms have become weak again. Imagine simple acts of speaking, smiling, kissing, lifting a cup. I can’t perform them easily”.


Doc writes to CM: Include stem cell therapy under healthcare scheme

The treatment, still in its nascent stage, requires over Rs 2 lakh in a private set-up for just one session of stem cell therapy.

Stem cell therapy may cure glaucoma: Study

One in 10 Glaucoma sufferers go blind because of late diagnosis: study.

Stem cell therapy poised to come in from the cold

Dozens of adult stem cell treatments are moving through clinical trials and showing early success.

New technique eliminates potentially lethal side effects of stem cell

With the right combination,a lab tissue culture dish promises to yield therapeutic wonders.


Stem cell therapy gifts young cricketer a new lease of life

Now,Ankit Parashar can play cricket again,thanks to stem cell therapy that helped cure pain in his knee joint.