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Marvel Studios working on behind-the-scenes video of Stan Lee's cameos

Marvel Studios is paying homage to comic book legend Stan Lee by compiling all the behind-the-scenes video of his numerous cameos in Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) movies.

Why I won't be introducing my child to Stan Lee’s universe just yet

Marvel comics were much less darker than DC. And because of that the superheroes are a lot more self-aware. They are able to mock their own superpowers and those of their counterparts.


'Captain Marvel' pays tribute to Stan Lee, leaves fans teary-eyed

*Spoilers Alert*: This post contains spoilers for Marvel films. In addition to a cameo in the latest Marvel film, the heartfelt homage to late comic legend into films intro has left Stan Lee fans teary-eyed.

RIP Stan Lee: 10 facts on the Marvel Comics icon

Stan Lee died on November 12, 2018, at the age of 95, in Los Angeles. The man, who gifted us some of our favourite superheroes, will be remembered for entertaining and inspiring his audience.

Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige pens a heartfelt tribute to Stan Lee

Kevin Feige said Stan Lee would always be willing to try new things in his cameos in Marvel movies that he had been doing for many years.

Armie Hammer apologises for controversial Stan Lee comments

Armie Hammer has issued an apology for questioning the way some celebrities have honoured comic book legend Stan Lee.


Newspaper mixes up Stan Lee with Spike Lee on its front page and the director had the best response to it

Taking to Instagram, the BlacKKKlLansman, film director wrote, "God Bless Stan Lee. Me? Not Yet. And Dat's Da 'I'm Still A Live, And Strivin' Truth, Ruth."

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The genius of Stan Lee was in making fantasy a vehicle to explore problems that are all too human

'A marvel of a man': Amul salutes Stan Lee for his iconic creations in latest cartoon

With a tagline, "A marvel of a man," the dairy brand saluted the iconic writer-editor Stan Lee in a brilliant wordplay resonating the sentiments of fans.

How Stan Lee fashioned his superheroes as a counterpoint to DC's 'gods'

DC's superheroes have always been godlike, especially the big three - Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. Stan Lee wanted to do something different. He wanted to create superheroes who were vulnerable, who bled, got hurt, and had everyday problems.

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A universe of flawed heroes: Marvel comics creator Stan Lee was ahead of his time

Stan Lee, the creative dynamo who revolutionized the comic book and helped make billions for Hollywood by introducing human frailties in Marvel superheroes such as Spider-Man, the Fantastic Four and the Incredible Hulk, died Monday. He was 95.

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Marvel Comics Legend Stan Lee passes away

Best known as the co - creator of Spider-Man, the X-Men, the Fantastic Four, Iron Man, the Hulk, Thor and many other superheroes, Stan Lee, the Marvel Comics Legend passed away at the age of 95