Sriharikota spaceport

Sriharikota spaceport News

ISRO to launch communication satellite GSAT-7A from Sriharikota today

The newest satellite will provide communication capability to users in Ku-band over the Indian region, ISRO said adding that the mission life of the GSAT-7A is eight years.

ISRO announces India's Mars Orbiter Mission to be launched on Nov 5

It's primary objective is to show India's technological capability to send out a Mars satellite.


India to launch its Mars mission today; ISRO calls it a 'turning point' for country

Mangalyaan: PSLV C 25 lifts off at 2.38 this afternoon; it will enter the orbit of Mars in Sept 2014.

ISRO all set to launch its historic Mars mission

PSLV C 25 lifts off at 2.38 pm Tuesday afternoon; enter Martian orbit by month-end.

Mars mission to boost India's credentials for global missions

ISRO said the mission will push the frontiers of research in space science to the deeper reaches of solar system.

Mars Orbiter Mission launch on Nov 5: ISRO

Twenty-one of 51 Mars missions attempted the worldover since 1960 have been successful.


India's Mars mission to be launched on October 28

Primary objectives of the mission are to demonstrate India's technological capability.

Indo-French satellite mission to launch on October 12

India's top space agency said the launch date of the Indo-French 'Megha-Tropiques' mission is slated for October 12.