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The Big Picture: Sri Lanka’s Forever War

As a new president takes over in the island country, the Tamils in the north hope things will change.

Will seek international rights probe if Lanka fails: David Cameron

Cameron said no one wants to return to days of LTTE when they did "dreadful and brutal things".


From Sri Lanka Tamils,CBI raids,to Telangana,regional parties stymie Parliament

DMK,AIADMK,CPI,Trinamool raise regional issues,forcing Parliament to be adjourned.

UPA govt stable,not lame duck after DMK exit,says Kamal Nath

India's position is that UNHRC should adopt a strong resolution on Sri Lanka,says govt.

Speak out: Should India vote against Sri Lanka over alleged war crimes?

Should India re-write history and target Sri Lanka over alleged murder of Tamils?

Lanka resolution issue: Karuna to go on fast on Mar 22

A one-day fast is held to demand India's support for the resolution,says DMK chief.


India inclined to vote in favour of UN resolution on Lanka: PM

The resolution seeks to target Sri Lanka for alleged war crimes committed against ethnic Tamils.

Lankan President denies Indian pressure over Tamil issue

Rajapaksa has denied that he had come under pressureto offer the minority Tamils a political solution.

‘Appeasing Tamil flood victims best chance for SL to improve image’

As of now,flooding in Sri Lanka has reportedly affected over a million people.

PC lists ‘terrorism,extremism,separatism’ as India’s major problems

Government will put an end to terrorism with full force,said Union Home Minister P Chidambaram.