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Crazy, crazy boyfriends: Are you dating one of these guys?

While you really want to slap the first two boyfriends hard, the third and fourth irritate you no end.

I drink because I want to get a heart attack: Stupid reasons to drink

A weak moment, a feeble promise, a stupid excuse is enough to leave a permanent damage to all the real things in life


Spoof: Are you suffering from MIBPS syndrome?

Old Delhi Films' latest video talks about this fictitious disease, but may actually cure many people of their disregard for rules.

This one is for you bhaiya, because brothers can't be wrong ever

Don't forget to share it with your elder brother. This is the only chance to settle scores. I'm going to do just that.

We are not Madrasis: These South Indians explain musically

If you are a North Indian say from Himachal Pradesh, how will you feel if someone refers to you as Punjabi?

Don't watch this video if you are a 'boss'

Bosses are one of the most dreaded creatures on the planet. At least, that's what the stereotypes suggest.


Spoof: Looking for a match? Log on to matchfixing .com

Are you single, bored, unsuccessful and waiting for that special someone? You may find (read fix) a match, if you are willing to lose.

Spoof: Oh, 'Flopkart' we definitely expected better from you!

So how would have 'Flopkart' treated you, if "he" were a person?

This hilarious spoof on Indian husbands will leave you in splits

Being Indian's latest spoof video Every Indian husband in the World is a hilarious take on the stereotypical Indian husband.

Watch this video if you are a dandiya loving Gujarati girl

Don't even try your luck with a Gujarati girl, if you don't know how to dance, your relationship has no future!