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Staying up late can reduce chances of fathering children, study finds

"Whether it's binge-watching Netflix or sending emails, they should think about what is keeping them up and try to change their habits," said Dr Raj Mathur, consultant gynaecologist, Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust.

Male fertility: Men are freaking out about their low sperm count

“Guys are concerned about their fertility from the time they reach puberty...Part of their basic biological role in life is to impregnate and they’re not sure that’s going to work, and there’s fear of testing to find out.”


Plant sex mystery, solved!

The mystery of 'double fertilisation' process is how each single pollen grain is able to produce twin sperm cells.

Excessive laptop use can fry up your chances of becoming a dad

Excessive laptop use may impact men’s ability to become dads,says a new study.