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This is how scientists want to make a trip to the Moon economical

A pair of scientists, through their research paper published last month, explained a method of constructing a 322,000 kilometers-long cable elevator that is anchored to the Moon.

ESO's Vista Telescope photographs neighbouring dwarf galaxy in new light

European Southern Observatory's (ESO) VISTA Telescope unveiled a new brighter image of our neighbouring dwarf galaxy called Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC).


This Burj Khalifa-sized asteroid will zip past the Earth tonight

Asteroid 2000 QW7, which is as big as the Burj Khalifa, is going to zip past the Earth at a speed of 14,361 miles per hour later tonight.

CIMON, the first AI-powered astronaut assistant returns to Earth after 14 months in ISS

Crew Interactive Mobile CompaniON (CIMON), the first artificial intelligence (AI)-based astronaut assistance system returned to Earth last week after spending 14 months on the International Space Station (ISS).

Spending long time in space alters connectivity of brain, study says

The researchers at Laboratory for Cognitive Research had used the functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to observe the brains of 11 astronauts both before as well as after they took a space flight and then compared them to those who did not visit space.

This unusual supernova made scientists reassess the death of giant stars

Observations from the SN 2016iet supernova led scientists and astronomers to rethink the way giant stars ended in the universe earlier.


Robotic controllers prepare a docking port ahead of August 21 spacewalk: NASA

NASA has said that robotics controllers are making a new commercial crew docking port for installation during the spacewalk happening tomorrow, August 21.

Moon to align with Jupiter and Saturn in the sky: Here's how to watch

During this time we will also get to see an almost full moon, which will cause us to see three glowing circles in the sky.

Robots to install telescopes to peer into cosmos from the moon

The goal is to give astronauts control of the rover “in a quicker fashion and more like doing some sort of video game,” said Ben Mellinkoff, a graduate student at the University of Colorado.

7 books to introduce kids to the wonders of space

If your child has been asking questions about space, they are sure to enjoy these books.

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SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket landing: Here's everything you need to know

SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket successfully landed for the third time on a droneship in the Atlantic ocean. Here's all you need to know.

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How Does The GSLV Launch Make India A Unique Space Power ?

The Indian Space Research Organisation on Monday launched the GSAT-19 satellite, one of the heaviest communication satellites, with the GSLV MK III-D1 rocket. The rocket became the heaviest to be launched by the Indian space agency ever with the heaviest single payload put in orbit as well. The Indian Express Videos: One stop for all videos […]

Francois Hollande's visit aims at strengthening relations: French Ambassador

New Delhi, Jan 22 (ANI): France Ambassador to India Francois Richier on Friday said France President François Hollande's second visit to India would be a great occasion to strengthen India-France relations. He added that there were several agendas such as energy restoration, space projects that would be the prime agenda of the talk. On the Rafale deal, Richier said discussions are going on and the outcome was yet not known. He added that there would also be an internal meeting with Congress supremo Sonia Gandhi. Regarding the threat received on Hollande's visit, Richier said it was being investigated and such threats are just to create disorder.