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Gaganyaan project- 3 Indians to be sent to space in Rs 10,000 crore plan

The total cost of the project is reported to be Rs.10,000 crores and the mission, if successful, will ensure India's addition to the club of three countries that have sent a manned mission to the outer space.

Spinning heat shield for spacecraft could aid future Mars mission

"Spacecraft for future missions must be larger and heavier than ever before, meaning that heat shields will become increasingly too large to manage," Rui Wu, from the University of Manchester said.


Working on manned space mission: ISRO chairman

Indian science congress keen on putting to use technology developed by students, says Radhakrishnan.

Things you must know about ISRO Mars mission

Here are some of the highlights of the Mars mission of India

China shortlists 2 ‘flawless’ women as astronauts

People: May become country’s first women astronauts,picked from among fighter pilots

Dosa,or parantha: At space mission control,it’s up in the air

‘Vyomanaut’ roots to decide menu on India’s first manned space mission


Shuttle soars to space station after launch delays

US space shuttle Endeavour blasted off from its seaside launch pad on Wednesday,ending a month of delays to a mission.