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Southeast Asia talking trash (literally) with West: Indonesia is latest in line

Faced with a massive trash problem of their own making, Southeast Asia too is pushing back and increasingly rejecting foreign trash imports fearing they could become the next dumping ground.

UN warns against 'floating coffins' as 1000 survivors of violence, hunger at sea land in SE Asia

The United States urged governments not to push back new boat arrivals.


ISIS threat: Indonesia struggles with Islamic State recruiting

For the first time, Indonesians in Southeast Asia are traveling abroad in an organized fashion to join a global militant movement.

In Good Faith

An exhibition in New York explores the sculptural art produced in the earliest kingdoms of Southeast Asia.

India Inc starts grooming women for boardroom roles

Under the companies act, 2013, all firms need to appoint at least one women to the board.

Yellen testimony shores up markets for the second day

At 2 pm EST,the Dow Jones industrial average was up 50.66 points,or 0.32 per cent,at 15,926.88


'In smartphones,Indians put entertainment on top'

Indians put entertainment on top,even above the core functionality of communication,in smartphones.

With Myanmar in the centre

Its elevation to the ASEAN chair comes at a crucial moment in Southeast Asia

Maruti gears up to develop models for Africa,Southeast Asia

The initiative signals that Maruti will play lead role in Suzuki's expansion plans in emerging markets.

Pressure Chamber

Doctors ring the alarm bell for high BP and hypertension as the number of cases in the city rises rapidly.