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Sorabh Pant: I will be making fun of everything and everyone in Make India Great Again

In an exclusive chat with, Sorabh Pant talks about his latest Amazon Prime Original Make India Great Again, East India Comedy and the future of comedy in India.

'In India, we are confidently masquerading as a country': Sorabh Pant

Sorabh Pant, frequently referred to as one of India's top 10 comedians, does not believe freedom of expression is suppressed in the country. But "it is just being threatened by people who have no authority to threaten it." Pant regularly does acts on social and political issues.


WATCH: Comedian Sorabh Pant thinks politics is the most entertaining thing on Indian TV

The video shows Sorabh Pant starting off by dropping a brutal truth bomb — 'The most entertaining thing on Indian TV is our politics.'