Somali News

US warns of threat to diplomatic staff in Somali capital

The United States has occasionally carried out strikes against al Shabaab which is linked to al Qaeda.

Somalian refugee sets herself on fire in protest at Nauru immigration camp

The woman was protesting against Australia's policy of refusing asylum seekers and paying Nauru and Papua New Guinea to hold them in immigration camps instead


Somali govt tells court 120 of its nationals will plead guilty to piracy charges

Some 80 witnesses, including 18 foreign nationals, have been examined by the court and only 15 are yet to be produced

Somali military training base attacked with car bomb

"We heard a huge blast from the military training camp in Kismayu and then gunfire followed," said a shopkeeper in the city.

Al Shabaab claims attack on compound housing Somali intelligence

Al Shabaab spokesperson claimed they attacked the national security base and 'killed many' of Somali intelligence,

Car bomb explodes outside restaurant in Somali capital

A Somali police officer says a car bomb has exploded outside a restaurant in the Somali capital near the presidential palace.


Americans,Briton among Kenya mall attackers: Minister

Attackers stormed a Nairobi mall killed more than 60 people.

Teachers at MP institute remember Somali president as a ‘good pupil’

This is one Somali connection any Indian city would love to flaunt

Somali-born teen held in US for car bomb plot

Undercover agents in a sting operation stopped a Somali-born teenager from blowing up a van full of explosives.

Somali backlash Shabab’s worst fear

For the past three years,al-Shabab,one of Africa’s most fearsome militant Islamist groups,have been terrorising the Somali public...