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SolarWinds cyberattack


SolarWinds says unknown hackers exploited newly discovered software flaw

July 13, 2021 10:16 am

Software company SolarWinds says that unknown hackers exploited a previously unknown flaw in two of its programs to go after "a limited, targeted set of customers."

Microsoft says group behind SolarWinds hack now targeting government agencies, NGOs

May 28, 2021 10:44 am

Nobelium, originating from Russia, is the same actor behind the attacks on SolarWinds customers in 2020, according to Microsoft.

Microsoft says suspected Russian hackers viewed source code

January 01, 2021 12:19 pm

Microsoft said the suspected Russian hackers behind the stunning breach of numerous US government agencies also accessed the company’s internal source code

Cyber attack on US government may have started earlier than initially thought: US senator

December 31, 2020 2:02 pm

The unprecedented cyber attack on US government agencies reported this month may have started earlier than last spring as previously believed, a US senator involved in cybersecurity said on Wednesday.

Suspected Russian hackers used Microsoft vendors to breach customers

December 25, 2020 12:00 pm

The suspected Russian hackers behind the worst US cyber attack in years leveraged reseller access to Microsoft Corp services to penetrate targets that had no compromised network software from SolarWinds Corp

Email accounts were hacked at the US Treasury Department

December 22, 2020 12:41 pm

Dozens of email accounts at the U.S. Treasury Department were compromised by the powerful hackers responsible for a wide-ranging espionage campaign against US government agencies, the office of U.S. Senator Ron Wyden said on Monday.

Biden chief of staff says hack response will go beyond 'just sanctions'

December 21, 2020 12:44 am

Options being mulled by the Biden administration to punish Moscow over its alleged role include financial penalties and retaliatory hacks on Russian infrastructure, people familiar with the matter have told Reuters.

Russia linked SolarWinds hack snags widening list of victims

December 19, 2020 12:25 pm

It was clear from the start that a cyber-attack by suspected Russian hackers aimed at several US government agencies was going to be bad. But on Thursday, the reality of just how sprawling and potentially damaging the breach might be came into sharper focus

The 'SolarWinds' cyberattack on US government, other private companies: 5 points to note

December 19, 2020 11:15 am

The ‘SolarWinds’ cyberattack on the US government and several other private organisations across the world is one of the biggest ‘supply-chain’ attacks to have been reported. Here are five points to note about this cyber-attack.

Cisco latest victim of Russian cyber attack using SolarWinds

December 19, 2020 11:07 am

Cisco Systems Inc was compromised as part of a suspected Russian campaign that has roiled the US government and private sector and left security experts across the country racing to assess the extent of the damage.