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Sustainable agriculture: Going beyond Soil Health Cards

A measurable and time-bound programme for increasing organic matter content in our soils is needed to preserve and boost crop productivity.

Soil health cards: Win-win in Kolhapur, falling fertiliser cost, rising yield

Soil health cards were rolled out across the country in August 2015 after Prime Minister Narendra Modi made it a key agenda item.


Chhattisgarh tops list of states in issuance of soil health cards

The soil health cards contain technical and other key information about the cultivation of the land concerned and details of type of soil and proper crops to be cultivated in it, Chhattisgarh Agriculture Minister Brijmohan Agrawal said.

Only 2% farmers in West Bengal have soil health cards: Agriculture minister

‘Speed of distribution slow, state says it will complete the task by March, 2017’

Budget silences

It has left out key concerns of agriculture, environment and women.