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These photos of Imran Khan at China event are inspiring memes in Pakistan

In a photo widely shared om social media, the cricketer-turned-politician is seen sitting behind a semi-circular desk that has been called from anything between a "spaceship" to a "video game parlour" by people on social media.

Social withdrawal may improve your creativity

According to a study, not only was unsociability related positively to creativity, but the findings also showed other unique associations, such as a positive link between shyness and anxiety sensitivity.


Hike launches 'Car Match', a microapp for odd-even scheme

Hike's Car Match microapp matches odd-numbered cars with even-numbered cars in a user's vicinity.

Twitter-controlled drone to send photos in your tweet soon

Twitter may use the app in tandem with drones to capture and broadcast events with Periscope users controlling the process.

When is Cheryl's birthday? How a Singapore maths problem stumped the Internet

A maths problem that first appeared in a test for Singapore's elite high school students has baffled Internet users around the world after it went viral.