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Depression may spread through social networks, says study

In a hyperconnected world, traditional social networks - face-to-face contacts of daily life - are unravelling with the loss of social supports, said researchers at the Flinders University in Australia.

Lego teams up with Chinese internet giant Tencent for games, social network

Lego has announced a partnership with Chinese tech giant Tencent, in a collaboration that can be expected to introduce child-centric games and videos, among other projects.


Consumers expect greater influence of digital tech in 2018: Survey

According to a new survey, consumers expect various aspects of digital technology to be a bigger part of their lives in 2018, such as virtual assistants, cloud computing and artificial intelligence among others.

Hide Not Seek

Do we need an anti-social network? New applications allow people to disconnect from digital transactions.

I Just Pinged to Say Hello

A host of social networks find us more connected than ever before,but leave us groping for words in the digital space.

Figure This: Web Blockade

On October 25,the Election Commission of India issued detailed guidelines to regulate Internet campaigns on Twitter,Facebook and YouTube by political parties and their candidates. Candidates are required to provide information about their (official) social media accounts in affidavits. Some of the most commonly censored contents include pornography,social networks,Wikipedia,Wikileaks,political blogs,religious websites and video streaming. Here’s a look at how different governments regulate how people,including social activists,use the Internet:


The pros and cons of television,internet

TV and internet can cause trauma in this world as young children watch movies with violence.

86 per cent students text while in class: US study

More than 80 per cent students admit that they use smart phones,tablets and laptops in class rooms.

Saudi women say yes to Driving, to protest against ban on Oct 26

October 26 is the day on which women in Saudi Arabia will say they are serious about driving.

Use RTI,social media as campaign tools: Narendra Modi

Narendra Modi said social media key in taking party's messages to a wider electorate spectrum.