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Trolled online, man files complaint with police, suspects wife's role

Among the evidence submitted to police are screenshots of the alleged abuse. In many of the screenshots, the accused have made memes using his photographs.

Bangalore centre to help monetise Twitter’s India services

R&D facility to help social networking giant provide ‘compelling advertisements’.


Beware! Social media addiction can cause FOMO

Constant urge to be in touch with friends and happenings has left youths suffering from FOMO.

Feelings of envy on Facebook lead to depression

Facebook use can lead to symptoms of depression.

Social networking platform to help insomniacs

An expert from in Britain has developed a social network platform called 'Sleepful' to help insomniacs access online a promising "talking therapy".

Excessive Facebook use could lead to poor impulse control: Research

Excessive online social networking is addictive and could lead to poor impulse control.


City police to use social media to counter ‘e-attacks’

Terming the defamatory posts on social networking sites as an “e-attack” that led to untoward incidents, Police Commissioner Satish Mathur on Wednesday said the police would counter such incidents through social networking sites. “It is not possible to ban social media sites carrying defamatory posts that create law and order problems, as a ban on […]

Infant sold for Rs 8 lakh on Facebook,four held

A newborn boy in Ludhiana was sold to a Delhi-based couple for Rs 8 lakh through a deal struck on the social networking site Facebook.

Mumbai teen ‘harassed’ by boy on social networking site commits suicide

Girl’s father told police that a 16-year-old boy was stalking her for the past few days.

YouTube popular venue for social activism: Study

Social media activism resulted in differing degrees of popularity and engagement,says study.