Sochi Olympics 2014

Sochi Olympics 2014 News

Exit light: World’s most expensive party comes to a close

In a charming touch, the Sochi organizers used the ceremony to make a joke at their own expense.

Sochi Olympics 2014: Of twin toilets, missing rings and faulty flags

Ten funniest pictures from Sochi Olympics 2014, that sum up exactly what went wrong behind the scenes.


India complete return to Olympic with Sochi flag raising

The IOC lifted the ban on Feb. 11 following fresh elections last week.

Formula One rivalry extends onto the ice

McLaren have two employees at Sochi embedded with the skeleton and bobsleigh teams.

Winter Olympic Games: Blame it on the suits

The secretive Under Armour suit was developed with help from aerospace and defense giant Lockheed Martin.

Winter Olympic Games: Science trumps muscle

With corporates pitching in with equipment, physical ability becomes secondary.