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Not able to quit smoking? Blame your brain

Some smokers who are able to quit might actually be hard-wired for success, says a study.

Women who smoke during pregnancy may affect daughter's fertility, says study

The effects of smoking during pregnancy have been studied by experts in the past too, including complications like sudden bleeding. Even exposure to passive smoking during pregnancy can be harmful, increasing the risk of high blood pressure.


Be warned: Vaping isn't a safe alternative to smoking

Vaping devices like e-cigarettes heat liquids that are then inhaled as aerosol containing nicotine. The liquids do not comprise water as many are led to believe.

Explained: What you need to know about vaping-related lung illness

E-cigarettes and other vaping devices were developed to help cigarette smokers quit their dangerous habit by providing a way to satisfy their nicotine addiction without inhaling the toxins that come from burning tobacco.

Soni Razdan smoked when pregnant with Alia: How cigarettes can harm an unborn baby

Alia Bhatt's mother and actress Soni Razdan recently took to social media to reveal how she smoked a lot of cigarettes for a movie without knowing she was pregnant with her second child.

One in three between 15 to 50 years smoke to cope with stress in Delhi-NCR: Survey

India is one of those countries in the world which is reeling under a huge burden of high mortality and morbidity linked with tobacco addiction.


Why smokers are thrice more prone to chronic back pain

While common awareness brings in the understanding that smoking can lead to cancer and cardiovascular diseases, not everyone is aware that smoking can also cause lower back pain or can further worsen an existing back condition.

World No Tobacco Day: Secondhand smoke is a health risk for your family

According to statistics, cohabiting with a smoker leads to a 15 per cent greater risk of developing high blood pressure. Further, it is found that exposure to passive smoking for 10 years increased the rate of hypertension to a substantial 17 per cent, irrespective of the gender.

Smoky rooms, cars increase high blood pressure risk: Study

Passive smoking at home or work was linked with a 13 per cent increased risk of hypertension. Living with a smoker after age 20 was associated with a 15 per cent greater risk, researchers said.

Loneliness is as harmful in senior citizens as obesity and smoking: Study

Published in the peer-reviewed journal of Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ), the researchers explained loneliness as an emotional state of perceived isolation which increases early death risk in heart patients.

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Smoking Area For MPs Inside Parliament Upsets Anti-Tobacco Activists

A designated smoking area for MPs inside Parliament has raised the hackles of anti-tobacco activists. A health institute involved in fighting against tobacco has written to the Lok Sabha Speaker saying the definition of a public place as laid down in the anti-tobacco Act would include Parliament, hence the decision to allow MPs to smoke […]