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'Witnesses can catch criminals just by their smell'

According to a new study, people who witness a crime can identify criminals by their smell, and that humans are able to distinguish individuals by their unique body odour much better than anticipated.

Your 'sense of smell' is unique to you

People with similar olfactory fingerprints also showed similarity in their genes for immune system proteins linked to body odour and mate choice.


Malaria makes you smell delicious to mosquitoes

Malaria may alter the way people smell to make them more alluring to mosquitoes, according to a new finding.

Anxiety makes the world smell worse!

Finding may help scientists understand the dynamic nature of smell perception.

Study sniffs out 10 basic aromas

The human nose can identify ten basic types of odour including popcorn and lemon.

Baking smell makes people nicer

Enticing food odours brings out the altruism in the best of us,the team said.


Good sense of smell makes for more sympathetic individuals

People who have a very sharp sense of smell also have the ability to empathise with others' emotion,a study has revealed.

Women better sniffers than men on body odour

It is quite difficult to block a woman's awareness of body odour. In contrast,it seems rather easy to do so in men,said a researcher.