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Trust these smartphone apps for hassle-free travel experience

Travelling to a new place and are worried about what's in store? Just ensure you have these travel apps and you are all set to go!

Your smartphone apps are tracking your every move, and they’re not keeping it secret

The app developers can make money by directly selling their data, or by sharing it for location-based ads, which command a premium.


Apps boosting 'healthy lifestyle' can slow artery ageing: Study

A study has found that using a smartphone application to promote a healthy lifestyle slows down artery ageing by boosting compliance to a proper diet along with physical activity. The apps act as a powerful weapon against arterial ageing.

Five popular smartphone camera modes and what they are meant to do

Wondered what HDR mode, Panorama mode in the camera options are meant to do? Allow us to give you a brief insight.

Language app Babbel translates European success to US market

Language app Babbel has raised profits in the US market, putting it closer to its competitor, Silicon Valley-based Duolingo.

Now, a smartphone app can help prevent heart attack

This smartphone app can help people know the warning signs of a heart attack in advance and take corrective measures.


Smartphone APPs: Don’t click ‘yes’ for all permissions

With apps seeking more access to improve their focus on advertising content, users must be careful of the privacy intrusion they are allowing in the process.

Yahoo Aviate to make lives and phones smarter

Aviate makes your phone smarter by offering intelligent information throughout the day.

Number of smartphone apps for voters to make informed choice

The applications feed users with statistics, profiles and allegations against the candidates on their phones.

Forget guides,get free audio tours from phone apps

The only catch is that there will be ads in between,which will be the source of revenue for service provider.