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Netflix addiction: Press Pause

Entertaining ourselves to madness. Human beings are not machines. Binge watching isn’t wild debauchery. Of all the vices it’s possible to succumb to — drugs, alcohol, even copious amounts of food — Netflix is, by far the least problematic.

Hyderabad: Angered by son's cell phone addiction, man 'cuts off' his hand

"The victim, who works for a cable operator, had recently bought a smart phone and continuously watched films on it despite his father warning him against it," the police officer said.


How I rediscovered my life after losing a smartphone

After spending more than 7 days without a smartphone, here is how my world changed.

Addicted to smartphone? Try NoPhone

NoPhone acts as a phone surrogate for those addicted to their smartphones, media reports said.

Your smartphone could be worth $12,000,finds new survey

Email,text,social networking apps lead the pack for frequency of use,followed by games,web browsing.

3 in 10 drivers send texts while at the wheel: study

Smartphone addiction is on a rise in UK where users are unable to go long without checking their phone.